Olive Oil As Grey Hair Remedy?

To get rid of grey hair quickly and for good you need a combination of internal and external treatments. Internal treatments are the most important, simply because if you do have gray hair then you actually have more sinister and life threatening things going on inside of you! olive-oi-tobeingfit

olive oil have  been used for thousands of years to treat and cure gray hair. The other big benefit of using olive oil is they make your hair look shiny and healthy and also promote the growth of new hair follicles.

Olive Oil Hair Darkening Benefits:


1. Remedies Grey Hair Due To Dandruff:

Olive oil offers deep nourishment to dry and damaged scalp. A dry scalp is a warehouse to common hair problems like frizz, dandruff and ever lost sheen. It might be interesting for you to know that dandruff is one of the major reasons to grey hair occurring at a young age. Olive oil powerfully cures the problem of dandruff due to dryness. Thus, there is no two way about the fact that olive oil is a rescue system against grey hair occurring due to dandruff.

2. Repairs Sun Damage To Regain The Hair Color:

It is amazing to realize that sun is not only a life giver; it is also a life taker. It offers strength and color to hair in form of vitamin D (that can control the production of Pheomelanin- the hair graying and whitening pigment). It also makes hair grey when they get exposed to direct sunlight for longer hours by making them dry. Olive oil is an easy way that repairs sun damage by reinventing the lost moisture and hydration in dry hair.

3. Restores pH Level Of Hair Follicles:

It makes hair moist and keeps safe of further sun damage too. It ensures that hair that turned grey due to sun damage is restored back to its natural color. This basically happens as the pH level of hair follicles is restored. Once olive oil restores the pH level of hair follicles, melanin starts working efficiently. Hence, a normal balance between Eumelanin and Pheomelanin (the two hair coloring pigments) is restored. It restores the lost color of hair as well.

4. Fights Back Chemically Damaged Hair:

The next amazing fact to olive oil’s power of restoring natural hair color relies in its enmity for chemical damage. Excessive styling makes hair chemically damaged. Chemically damaged hair loses its natural hair color and turns grey. This usually happens, as chemically damaged hair have damaged hair follicles and scalp. Olive oil fights back chemical damage by re-strengthening weak hair roots. Side by side, it also restores the upset pH level of the scalp and hair follicles. Hence, melanin finds optimal hair conditions to ensure Pheomelanin’s production is hampered and Eumelanin’s production is triggered. Lesser Pheomelanin darkens grey hair and increased Eumelanin makes them even darker (tones them to their natural color).